Villa Park Al Boschetto

Villa Park Al Boschetto, Sorico


Sorico is an ancient fishing village on the northwest shore of Lake Como. Its territory extends round the river Mera, which connects Lake Mezzola and the Pian di Spagna. Since ancient times, thanks to its strategic position, it has been a place of passage and commercial exchange. Together with Dongo and Gravedona, it made up the County of the Trepievi, the three Superior Parishes of Lake Como. What to visit: the nature reserve Oasi Pian di Spagna. The name of this protected area,Pian di Spagna, derives from a sequence of historical events in the region: foreign invasions, battles, followed by flourishing commercial traffic, but more than anything for its landscape. The oasis is characterised by a combination of natural phenomenon: lakes, rivers, canals, ponds, croplands, reed-beds and woods. All provide ample opportunities to observe a wide range of bird species. The exceptionality of this swampy area, today a natural reserve, is the fact of it being one of the very few internationally important humid areas in an Alpine country. It’s a paradise for hundreds of protected specie and it is where deer that populate the area come to drink.Built in 1447. Of the primitive construction remain the apses, the beautiful entrance and some of the walls and the impressive bell tower.The church of St. Miro that’s the result of the enlargement of the 12th century church of St. Michele the Novate Mezzola Lake, located at North of Lake Como. Its name derives from “dimidiatus”, “half lake” and is now less than 50 meters deep; it will eventually dry out completely leaving a simple riverbed that will wind through the plain. This little pond is declared protected area and shelter for migratory birds from the Region of Lombardy.

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