• DIMORA  DEGLI ULIVI - VERCANA, Lake Como, Domaso
  • DIMORA  DEGLI ULIVI - VERCANA, Lake Como, Domaso


Domaso is a small village on the west side of Lake Como, with its narrow alleys and steep lanes, and still preserves the stories of old fishermen. Today it is one of the most known tourist centers of the lake, with structures and services suitable for tourists. The "Breva", typical wind of the lake, makes Domaso a heaven for all water sport lovers (kite surf, windsurf,…). There are also modern tennis and soccer fields, gyms, fitness centres. For people who love the calm and the rest, the long beach and its secular woods offer moments of real relax. The lovers of the mountain won't remain disappointed! The territory offers numerous itineraries for trekking, mountain biking or just for a simple walk. This area is a good start to visit the historical-artistic beauties of the lake. What to visit: Chiesa di San Bartolomeo of the XVI century Domaso and Villa Camilla. Once the house belong to a noble Serbregondis, today it is the town hall. Domaso is known above all for its culinary history of the famous “missoltitt”, fished in spring and in autumn and then salted, dried in the sun and compressed in wood barrels. Another typical dish is the famous “polenta”, served with mushrooms, meat and local cheese (like the Semuda and the Robbiola) or cooked with melted butter and cheese (the polent'uncia).

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